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Why Church is Over: A Bold and Evidence-Based Perspective

Join Shawn McCraney as he presents a compelling argument for the decline of organized religion and offers evidence to support this claim. Discover the importance of seeking truth, challenging traditional beliefs, and embracing a personal relationship with God. Explore the historical and contextual aspects of scripture to understand the end of material religion and the introduction of the New Covenant. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion that challenges conventional perspectives on Christianity. Watch now and see why the pursuit of truth matters more than ever.

In this video, Shawn McCraney presents a summarized approach to why organized religion is over and provides evidence to support this claim. He begins by emphasizing the importance of seeking truth and challenging traditional beliefs through a contextual study of scripture. McCraney believes that many people prioritize collective unity and convenience over the pursuit of truth. He recounts his personal journey of challenging Mormonism, evangelicalism, the concept of eternal punishment, and the construction of the Trinity, losing friends along the way. McCraney argues that the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple marked the end of material religion and the introduction of the New Covenant. He asserts that all approaches to Christianity are acceptable, as long as individuals have a genuine relationship with God. Ultimately, McCraney claims that no religious institution has the complete story right, but what matters most is having faith in the heart rather than adherence to a specific church or doctrine.

Shawn McCraney is founder and teacher at Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, or cult, is an online learning center dedicated to cultivating liberty in individuals through knowledge of agape love.
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