Free Course Offerings by Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

All courses offered are brought to you by The Great News Network and are freely available to all who are interested in the Great News.



An Introduction to The Great News

Learn the most essential principles of The Great News in 90 minutes.

The Journey Toward Christian Liberty


Destination A: Fundamentals

Get a comprehensive overview of biblical fulfillment and its contextual justifications.


Destination B: Growth

Understand growth as a believer now that it has been fulfilled.


Destination C: Revelation

Dive deep into the details of Revelation and how it proves Jesus' returned in 70A.D.

How to Lead Within The Age of Biblical Fulfillment

Topical Courses


Don’t F**k With Jesus

He has been maligned, abused, used and misunderstood not only by the world-at-large but especially by those who look to Him in faith. Jesus. Yeshua. Learn how it happened and how we might change that now.



Tools and diagrammatic devices that you can use to explain fundamental principles of fulfillment, growth and love applicable to our modern faith.


In His Image

In His Image is a short course teaching how we interpret what God means in Genesis when He says He created man "In His image".