At Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, we believe that true liberation is derived through the choice to act in love.

Each one of us has the daily opportunity to choose to unconditionally serve, suffer along with, and accept others, and that choice can incite an effective and rich sense of liberty in one's life.

At cult, the choice to practice true agape (or, selfless) love can actually be enhanced and strengthened. From our research, we find the best way to do so is through a contextual study of the biblical narrative.

Why are we named Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth?

Defining the purpose of our name Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

We are called Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth for a few reasons. We stand on the idea that Christ came to bring liberty to all. And that liberty is how we can now define faith. So, in and through that liberty, we proceed to pursue truth through knowledge.

How does knowledge lead to love?

Knowledge of God is love

From our research and experience, we are under the overwhelming impression that the greater we grow in knowledge, the greater will be our capacity for selfless love. While we support the pursuit of all knowledge, we find that true agape love (and there fore the greatest liberty) comes specifically from an intimate and highly contextual knowledge of the biblical narrative.

Why do we insist on all being welcome?

Church today lacks the ability to support modern believers. In turn, dissatisfaction rates are through the roof and mass exodus is at hand. In the wake of this crisis, we have found that believers are divided from one other rather than united on common ground.

cult welcomes you to use our platform as a supplement to your personal beliefs or practices, whatever they may be. Through our learning Journey, we aim to build a community that, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, and in the face of all possible differences, is unified through a commitment to love as we individually pursue knowledge and growth.

Why is our nickname "cult"?

Definition of cult acronym

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth can (intentionally) be shortened to “cult”. It is first and foremost tongue-in-cheek! You can rest assured that if we are a cult, we are the cult to end all cults. The only way to end all cults, from our perspective, is through an insistence on love at all costs.

What does it mean to take the Journey?​

Our learning Journey meets you wherever you are with the opportunity to strengthen your ability to choose love through knowledge. The content offered along the Journey deploys various teaching tools to unpack biblical text in historical and secular contexts, ultimately aiming to clarify how love might function as the basis of modern faith.