1.7.7: Tree of Christian Living, Part 7

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I love this series and your teaching of the seven “L’s”. Great exegesis. I absolutely have realized more liberty from religion, sin, errant perspectives, etc. as Christ continues to teach me, and your emphasis that as we grow in love, liberty is the ultimate result is very interesting to think about. Most of us realize that we are captive when we hold resentment, grudges, etc. when we don’t forgive someone, but when you self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, does that increase liberty? Was Christ more liberated because He came and died for us? I think the scriptures says that Christ became a “slave” for our sakes. Paul said that though he was free, he made himself a slave to win souls for Christ [1 Corinthians 9:19]. So, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Your lesson tonight as got me thinking for sure.

Perhaps the ultimate Christian life is to willingly become “slaves” for Christ. Christ sets us free from sin through His atonement and His truth, but we should be willing to give up that freedom for His will for without Him, we are nothing and it is only by becoming “slaves” to Christ, that we glorify Him, not ourselves. I am still trying to work all of this out because giving up our own will and desires is essential to the spiritual rebirth to freedom. Perhaps this is the great eternal round of God – oh wait, that phrase is a Mormon phrase, but you know what it mean:)

Liberty is in the constitution. It is something the forefathers recognized and it is interesting that those in charge, those ones loving in the flesh, are trying to take away

I would actually like to see Shawn’s picture definitions put on shirts.

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