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Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an online educational platform liberating seekers of Christ through a knowledge of biblical fulfillment.

An Introduction

We are Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, providing educational resources centered on the Truth of biblical fulfillment, aimed at empowering believers in Christ with a deeper understanding and fostering a sense of ultra-liberty.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (CULT) is the educational branch of The Great News Network, a collective of seven channels presenting content through the lens of biblical fulfillment. CULT operates as an online learning platform, offering a comprehensive journey to explore lesser-known biblical contexts. Our content stems from years of in-depth study of scripture, its commentaries, languages, and histories, all conducted outside the bounds of institutional religion. We’re happy to share this knowledge with you entirely for free.


Our content is organized into a structured learning journey that provides a comprehensive perspective on scripture from a fulfilled viewpoint. Our aim is to expand your understanding by introducing additional insights for consideration. It’s worth noting that we’re not affiliated with any denomination or church, and we’re not here to push any particular beliefs. Our goal is simply to offer information that has profoundly impacted our own lives.


We’re here to equip individuals with knowledge to support their personal search for Truth. Our content covers historical, secular, and biblical information, shedding light on the purpose and significance of the Bible in its factual context. We’ve found that this often-overlooked perspective leads to a deep sense of spiritual freedom.


Join us as we explore various Destinations, including topics like Fulfilled Eschatology, Alternative Views of the Trinity, The End of Hell and Eternal Punishment, Universal Reconciliation, Spirit-Led Exegesis, Subjective Relationship versus Objective Religion, and the guiding forces of Faith and Love in our lives today. Everyone is welcome to join and participate!

Below is an welcome video from Founder of The Great News Network and teacher at Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, Shawn McCraney.

Our Introductory Course

Join us in this open course as we introduce The Great News and get acquainted with our mission.


An Introduction to The Great News

Learn the most essential principles of The Great News in 90 minutes.

Our Featured Course Series: The Learning Journey

Explore our featured series of courses designed to offer you a comprehensive and detailed understanding of The Great News and its justification.


Destination A: Fundamentals

Get a comprehensive overview of biblical fulfillment and its contextual justifications.


Destination B: Growth

Understand growth as a believer now that it has been fulfilled.


Destination C: Revelation

Dive deep into the details of Revelation and how it proves Jesus' returned in 70A.D.

How to Lead Within The Age of Biblical Fulfillment

About Us

Welcome to Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (CULT)

Stretch your spiritual journey with the educational resources at CULT. In our series of courses and publications, we dive into the concept of biblical “fulfillment”, an under-known but incredibly significant aspect of how the Bible articulates our relationship with God. Unlike the narratives commonly presented in mainstream Christian churches, we explore the idea that the events and teachings of the Bible, especially those predicting Jesus’s return, found their completion in the first century, specifically in 70 AD. This perspective is not our invention; it’s an ancient understanding that’s been overshadowed by doctrines designed to maintain institutional power and control. We are here to provide a form of knowledge to individuals that encourages their own sense of identity in God, and their own confidence to pursue him on their own outside of the bondages that actual cults, religions, cultures and dogmas inflict. Join us in uncovering these truths, empowering yourself with knowledge, and stepping into the liberty of a faith built on love, informed by history. While everything can be seen as a cult, we choose to pursue that which leads to the greatest and most justified spiritual liberty.


CULT courses and books offer an approach that is extremely far from that of most of religions, cults, cultures and dogmas, as it brings to light a perspective of Scripture that liberates believers from fear-driven doctrines. The concept of fulfillment, while under-recognized, offers a refreshing interpretation that aligns with historical events and the very teachings of Yeshua. By understanding that the prophetic aspects of the Bible were fulfilled long ago, we free ourselves to explore a faith that emphasizes love and personal connection with the God.

Start Your Journey

Embark on an educational journey that offers more than just knowledge—it offers a new way of seeing faith. Click here to explore the concept of fulfillment and discover how it can transform your spiritual life.


More About Us

Our Mission

At CULT, our mission transcends traditional biblical education. We aim to illuminate the under-explored concept of “fulfillment” in Biblical text (which we discovered in our decades long Verse by Verse Study over at The Great News Network) providing a historical and contextual grounding for this perspective. Far from being a new theory, fulfillment is a foundational but often overlooked aspect of Christian theology, suggesting that the prophecies of the New Testament, including the return of Jesus, were completed in the first century. This knowledge challenges the conventional narratives that hold sway in many churches today, narratives that often serve more to secure institutional loyalty and financial support than to foster true spiritual understanding.

The CULT Distinctives

CULT distinguishes itself by courageously addressing the concept of fulfillment, bringing to the forefront a perspective that has been marginalized or silenced for centuries. Our educational journey is designed not just to disseminate information but to provoke thought, encourage independent study, and facilitate a re-examination of long-held beliefs. By doing so, we aim to liberate individuals from fear-based theology and guide them toward a faith grounded in love, historical truth, and personal freedom.

A Community of Inquisitive Minds

We believe in fostering a community where difficult questions are not shunned but embraced. CULT is a landing place for those who seek to understand their faith in the context of historical events and who are brave enough to question traditional interpretations. Here, every seeker is welcome, regardless of their background or where they are on their spiritual journey.


About the Founder

Shawn McCraney is the founder and teacher of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. He has conducted the research that substantiates the learning Journey offered here. Read below to learn more about where he comes from and how he came to the conclusions that love is the objective of believers today.​

The Journey Toward Christian Liberty

Embark on The Learning Journey

Our flagship educational program, The Learning Journey, is specifically designed to explore the concept of biblical “fulfillment” in depth. This course is a comprehensive exploration of how the Bible’s teachings and prophecies, particularly those concerning Jesus’s return, were fulfilled in historical events around 70 AD.

Destination A: Fundamentals

We start with the basics, offering a solid foundation in understanding the context and historical significance of biblical fulfillment. Participants will explore how this perspective was understood by early Christians and how it has been obscured in modern interpretations.

Destination B: Growth

Building on the fundamentals, this stage delves into the implications of fulfillment for personal spiritual growth. We examine how this understanding can transform our approach to the Bible, moving away from fear and towards a faith centered on love and personal connection with God.


Destination C: Revelation

In the final stage, we tackle the Book of Revelation, a text often associated with fear and end-times prophecy. Through the lens of fulfillment, we reinterpret this book, showing that its prophecies were meant for an ancient audience and have since been realized, offering us a message of hope and completion.


Lead Within Biblical Fulfillment

Beyond the Destinations, we offer a free program to mentor and learn alongside leaders of The Great News Network as they impart their decades of experience with the hardship of pursuing Spirit and Truth outside of organized religion. This course will teach you all you need to know both doctrinally and logistically to eventually spirituall sustain your own ministry.


Journey Towards Liberty

This educational journey does not claim to have discovered the concept of fulfillment but rather to bring attention to this critically underexplored perspective. Join us to explore this rich, historical context and consider for yourself the transformative power of understanding fulfillment.


The Great News

Yeshua lived, died, rose and then returned in 70 A.D. In turn, God reconciled the world to Himself, liberating us forevermore. We call this biblical fulfillment. So, what remains?

CULT is one of seven Official Channels on The Great News Network. We are a collection of individuals who create free educational resources about God and faith in our age of biblical fulfillment.For forty years, we have been dedicated to uncovering the truth about God, considering all aspects, all while remaining independent of institutional constraints and pressures. What we have discovered is humbling, liberating, and invaluable, especially for those in pursuit of Him. In a world where traditional theologies are crumbling and institutions are failing, we are committed to offering sincere and dedicated research to seekers of Spiritual knowledge and growth that are thirsting in the desert that is modern religion. Our work delves into the contextual meaning of the Bible and its fulfillment, exploring how this understanding can liberate believers and foster deeply rooted and personal spiritual growth beyond the confines of material religion. 

Support Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

For those individuals who care about the work we do, and have the means to support, we welcome contributions through our 501c-3 organization The Great News Network. Visit the link below to submit a tax-deductible contribution.