A biblically justified replacement for church.

Spreading the great news that church is over and that we can prove it.
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We may not have all the facts, but at least we have the story right.

cult is an online educational platform dedicated to spreading the great news that church is done, and that we can prove it. We offer courses, publications and art that describe why the age of material religion passed (2000 years ago) and what to do now with such liberty. We consolidate difficult-to-reach information into tools which aid your personal study, and charge minimally for it. We organized cult to share our decades of personal research toward Truth. All content we provide is information you could find yourself… it just may take you a while. We believe our model to be an honest replacement for the heinous religious demand for tithes. Challenge the conclusions we’ve come to. Test all things and hold fast to what is good. But, like everything else, we are a cult… Our one request? Proceed in an effort toward love.

Let us define our name.

cult stands for Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. “Libertarian” does not refer to a political stand. In fact, we have zero interest in politics. We are, instead, interested in the truest form of Liberty: that which is found in the Lord. The name “Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth” can be expanded to mean the following…

We, as distinct individuals who make up cult, make the personal decision to have faith that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Our faith is not a knowledge, but the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen. And we believe that integral to that promised everlasting life is the liberty to choose it, or to not choose it. We ultra-insist on that liberty because we find it supported both historically and experientially. Read more about our ten key principles of Christian Ultra Liberty.

… and our claim.

When we call it a biblically justified replacement for church, what we mean is that we are completely grounded in the Bible. Our perspective is entirely justified by that Bible when taken in context. We understand the Bible, when taken in context, to prove that church is done. And we respond to that great news by replacing church with a new self-guided educational mode.

Our plan is simple…

cult, as an organization, functions through acknowledging the benefits of both poles of materialism. First, we create with tactility, by hand and in limit. As the faith is lived out in the long-suffered, person-to-person relational labors, we too create at the extremely personal, intentional, material level; we create single instances of each creation to maintain a limited footprint. At all stages of that creation (research, production, after-life), we ensure that the evidence of our subjective hand is ever-present. We intentionally leave that evidence to emphasize that this comes from individual humans; we do not claim this to be the only way, and we do not claim that this is how God demands things to be done, and we go to the extra length to ensure that you understand we are not attempting to persuade you as such. Then, we distribute the singular creation with resource by digitally reproducing our creations.

… and our model is deliberate.

We are in direct opposition to brick and mortar religion, who shares The “Good” News under the fear of a coming judgement to demand tithes to sustain their brick and mortar facilities. Our model is to provide a self-initiated service, which we started by the guidance of the Spirit in our own lives, and whose existence or participation is explicitly not a demand of God. We present individuals with tools which they can voluntarily pay for to use in their own personal walk. We do not even remotely suggest our way is the only way, but we are convicted of it, stand by it and want to share it. Everything we do is work you could do on your own – we are simply a business that provides a service that does some work for you, and you can use it if you’d like.

We have developed a robust body of research…

All of our cult study tools are grounded in a dense and decades-long research practice that digs into each word of the Bible. We analyze every syllable, taking it into as much context as we can get our hands on. In everything we do, we come with the intent to test all things and hold fast to what is good, and we encourage the same from all who partake of our content. Ask all of the questions. Leave no stone unturned.

… backed by decades of practice…

All cult content is explicitly created by the hand of Shawn McCraney. We readily admit that it is one man’s findings, that he could be wrong; we’re emphatic that you should not trust him, but instead trust in the Lord. If He guides you elsewhere, we trust that completely. Shawn has done his best for a large majority of his life to personally dig and pursue the Truth at all costs. Now, we are so confident in his findings that we organized cult to share them and maybe give you a head start; we hope to save you some time, and hope you build on what he has found in your own way. Our study tools are there for you to figure it out for yourself.

… and we continue to consolidate that research into Courses, Publications and Art to aid your own personal study.

With all of that said, we have a range of study tools made for you to, also, test all things. Our research is formalized into three categories: courses, publications and art, which each try to answer the questions “why is church done?” and “how do we proceed?” Through them all, we emphasize the importance of creativity, scrutiny, and authenticity. We invite you to join us in the pursuit of Truth in love and liberty.

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