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Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth

An online learning journey teaching Biblical fulfillment to guide individual seekers toward liberty in Christ.

We are Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, or "cult".


(we rely on the finished work of Christ)

Ultra Libertarians

(we prioritize liberty for individuals to pursue God as they are led)

for Truth

(we seek Truth through the Bible to bring us to that liberty)

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an online learning journey that presents individuals with all of the biblical justifications of The Great News.

This learning journey collects years of in-depth study of the Word, its commentaries, languages, and histories into a trackable journey for you to explore. We are pleased to make this knowledge accessible to you on a pay-what-you-can basis.

We have put this study together to bring you knowledge that has radically affected our own lives. For us, the insights gained on this journey will yielded a deeper understanding of how God, throughout history, has orchestrated events to bestow upon us ultimate freedom through the embodiment of sacrificial love. We extend an invitation for you to consider these findings in the context of your own religious and spiritual journey.

Join us on a journey toward The Great News.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an official channel on The Great News Network.