1.5.2: Basis of Ultra Christian Liberty, Part 2

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I have been feeling this way for years, and it is amazing to see how people reject this idea.

I agree, Michele. It made me feel like I was a crazy person.

After years, decades of reading the Bible and attending multiple churches, I finally found a place at Cult that I, at last…fit in and understand and the pieces of God’s Word which alluded me. My search has ended, and in P. Shawn’s teachings I am learning what finally is Truth.

OK… So here is something that occurred to me. Without both the belief in preterism and the belief in either annihilation or some form of universal reconciliation, this particular form of Christian libertarianism is much more difficult, if not impossible. Anyone who believes that we have a future judgment coming, or that whoever dies without Christ will suffer with not in good conscience be able to “live and let live.” it would be far too callous. So it is very important that the first two concepts be settled in a believers mind before they are free to allow people to choose their pass. Individually, the drive to try to force others to conform is almost entirely about fear for their suffering.

Matthew Gallagher May 2, 2022 at 11:01 PM

Having watched this twice on the second time writing down points of interest helps give a fuller understanding in which Shawn is presenting.

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