1.5.1: Basis of Ultra Christian Liberty, Part 1

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Being a seeker of Truth all my life, there have been many verses which confused me. I believe Scripture interprets Scripture. A lot of verses seemed to contradict what I read, leaving me so confused. Being accused by a Mormon Bishop as a ” Church Hopper ” who happened upon me visiting a neighbor in love, told them I was not to associate with me anymore. As P.Shawn teaches this lesson, all I can hear in my heart and mind is Matthew 7:13-14. I found every Church I attended had the same message! ” You must be born again or you’ll go to hell. You must pay tithing, go by our membership rules,, etc
etc… ENTER BY THE NARROW GATE; FOR WIDE IS THE GATE AND BROAD is THE WAY THAT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION.” With all the different churches I attended WHO are the few who entered into the narrow gate? It seemed to me that the narrow gate…wasn’t so narrow after all. Any thoughts on this.
In Christ’s Love.

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