The Candle And The Flame, Week 65

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In this message called The Candle And The Flame, Shawn McCraney of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth uses metaphors to describe the journey of believers. He emphasizes the distinction between the physical body and the inner flame representing their love for God, urging them to stay lit amidst the challenges of life. McCraney encourages believers to fortify their faith, maintain an eternal perspective, and trust that their inner light will ultimately overcome the darkness.

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In this message called The Candle And The Flame, Shawn McCraney of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth engages in a metaphorical discussion about the nature of believers and their journey in life. He begins by asking the listener to imagine a tall, white taper candle burning brightly in a space. He encourages them to focus on the flame, which represents the believer’s inner essence and love for God.

According to McCraney, the flame within believers represents their true identity, separate from their physical bodies. He emphasizes that when someone passes away, their body may be laid down, but the flame, symbolizing the life-giving spirit, goes to God. This distinction between the physical and spiritual aspects of a person is crucial to understanding the following metaphors.

Moving beyond the flame, McCraney urges the listener to observe the entire candle, including the wick and the pewter candle holder. He likens this to the mortal coil, symbolizing the physical body that ages and eventually perishes. As time passes, the taper gets shorter, and the wax melts, symbolizing the transient nature of life. However, throughout this process, the flame, representing the believer’s inner light and faith, remains until the end of their life.

Expanding the metaphor further, McCraney suggests placing the candle on an uneven, rocky surface, symbolizing the challenges believers face in their journey. He mentions the trials and tribulations, represented by a slight breeze that moves the flame. These challenges test the believer’s ability to abide in the light and carry the truth they hold dear.

As the metaphor continues, McCraney pulls back even further to depict a dark, thundering night sky. The candle is now on a mountain, surrounded by clouds, lightning, and thunder. The wind intensifies, and snow starts falling, making it even more challenging for the flame to withstand the elements. This portrayal symbolizes the world and its efforts to snuff out the believer’s light, to make them feel insignificant and powerless.

Despite the world’s attempts to discourage believers, McCraney encourages them not to believe the lies that mock their significance. He urges them to fortify their flame by reading the word, seeking spiritual strength and guidance. By staying connected to God through faith and submission, believers can withstand the buffeting winds of life and maintain their light.

The transcript concludes with a message of encouragement, reminding believers to stay lit and embrace the heavenly way. McCraney assures them that their flame will ultimately dispel every facet of darkness, gloriously fulfilling its purpose. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining an eternal perspective and trusting in God’s promises.

Overall, this discussion by Shawn McCraney employs vivid metaphors to convey the challenges and importance of believers staying true to their faith in the face of worldly obstacles. It emphasizes the enduring nature of the believer’s inner light and encourages them to persevere, fortified by their relationship with God.