Shawn McCraney

Shawn McCraney is a person.
Shawn McCraney is full of contradiction and flaws.
Even more, Shawn McCraney is full of the Spirit.
Shawn McCraney is the founder of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. Or, you could say, Shawn McCraney is a cult Founder…
If you give this online educational platform one ounce of consideration, you’ll soon realize we are far from being a cult; you’ll see that is clearly a hilarious provocation. We have one rule, which is agape love and if that makes us a cult, we’ll take it! This platform, and everyone involved, are incredibly dedicated to exposing the liberty that each and every individual can find in Him. We have no responsibility for you, and honestly, we don’t want it!
Personal Background
Shawn is from Huntington Beach, California. He has a wife, three daughters, two sons-in-law, and soon to be three grandchildren. He is a punk at heart and a dedicated worker like no one I’ve seen before. He is born with charisma, intellect and brawn, but has developed and refined an incomparable work ethic and devotion for the Lord.
Development of Views
Shawn was born into the practices of Latter-Day Saints. After 40 years of wrestling with his fleshly inability to live up to their law, he had an intense and life-long change of heart toward the Lord upon the side of the road. His born again experience turned a search for truth in the worldly aids of philosophy, self-help, religion, substances, sex, etc., toward a search for Truth in things of the Spirit.
Assuming that organized religions who appeal to the born-again experience were correctly practicing the faith, his search naturally began with a grounding in evangelicalism. He attended the Calvary Chapel’s School of Ministry and, having written a book entitled Born-Again Mormon, he was asked to be a guest on a television show in Salt Lake City, after which he was offered his own show.
Shawn hosted this live call-in television show, Heart of the Matter, for many years. The show compared biblical Christianity to Mormonism, but often appeared as a somewhat “attack” on Mormonism and defense of evangelicalism. On the show, he was loud, boisterous, charismatic and very exciting to watch. That show went on for ___ many years, with ___ weekly episodes, and as many hairstyles and visitors! Upon a January 2012 decision to shift from dissecting the “splinter” in the eye of Mormonism to publicly evaluating the “log” in the eye of Christianity, he was immediately removed as a host from the Evangelical station. Perhaps a clear indicator he was on the right track.
That show continued as a YouTube broadcast for the ___ years following. Heart of the Matter took on a second life, Heart of the Matter 2.0, alongside a ReDux edition that turned back toward Mormonism with a different perspective. He also hosted other shows like ChristiAnarchy Today (now carried on by Steve Utley and Ethan Foster!). Once, twice and sometimes three times, these hour-long broadcasts filled with interviews, case studies, topical arguments, and biblical exposes, all attempted to whack down the thick and superfluous branches of religion in search of the root of a true relationship with God.
Resolution in cult
In that time, and since, Shawn McCraney has changed a lot. Publicly. He earnestly and visibly has contended with the Spirit through an authentic path toward the Lord and His will. Tosses and turns in this rigorous devotion have now culminated in that real “strike to the root” that he was searching for, a strike that has brought us to form this online platform, Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. Learn more about cult on our About Page.
cult presents individuals the opportunity to tap into what Shawn has uncovered: a supremely unshakable approach to the faith that we’d bet has been intended since the start. An approach that has not been intervened on by men for centuries. That is the subjective approach.
Shawn’s public tries and tests have been recorded over the years, it’s quite interesting to witness his changes and growth! Much of the content he has produced that is irrelevant to the intent of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is free and available through platforms like YouTube and Spotify. They are all topical, and useful for a specific realm of learning.
The most pertinent content, however is now privately hosted here, on this platform. It is to keep it free from tamper, and exclusive to an environment which is rooted in, and only in, the fruits of agape love.
This was not written by Shawn McCraney, but by his daughter.