Matthew Chapter 10 | Episode 16

YouTube video

In this episode of “I Don’t Get The Bible,” Delaney McCraney reads Matthew chapter 10 and raises questions to her theologian and cult leader father. Delaney starts by questioning why Jesus decides to give his disciples authority over unclean spirits and the power to heal diseases at this specific time. They discuss the significance of the number 12 in scripture and its association with mystical beliefs. Delaney also ponders the reasons behind Jesus’ instructions to his disciples and their applicability to present-day circumstances. They explore the idea that Jesus came specifically for the Jewish people and how that influences the interpretation of his teachings. The episode delves into the cultural and historical context of the passages and highlights the importance of discerning which teachings are intended for specific audiences and which ones hold broader principles. The conversation raises thought-provoking questions about the Bible’s relevance and the interpretation of its messages in modern times.