1.7.4: Tree of Christian Living, Part 4

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Yay, I am so happy to be able to comment! I LOVE your illustration of the tree, with the roots being the law, and Christ the stump on which we can rest and grow into a tree of life. I know I have produced the bad fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or the law, as I strove to be a good Mormon. God, in His mercy showed me my fruit, which I thought was good, but He showed me its bitterness. And down came the tree.
I also like how you showed us that in order to defeat evil, we don’t fight against it, but shine our light upon it. I like how you compared the fig leaves which Adam and Eve tried to cover their nakedness to how we use our “righteous” appearances, self justification, and other things to hide our sins. By the way, fig leaves are irritants, they itch like crazy when your skin comes in contact with it- which I think is so appropriate for the excuses we give to hide our sins. They just compound the guilt! It is only through the atonement of Christ that we can truly be clothed!

Michael (Administrator) March 1, 2022 at 10:06 AM

I enjoyed your comment. Thanks for sharing and Amen to that ????

Light and darkness
People are struggling with the lack of light in them
Loving the light so much that the darkness fades

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