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The Word, taken into historical context, plainly states that Jesus came back 2000 years ago. In turn, we have great news: Jesus fulfilled the gospel, saved the world, and now we have liberty to live the faith by the Spirit, through subjective and individual means.

cult Fundamentals is a beginner’s exhaustive overview of these seemingly outlandish and differentiating points that ground Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.

This course does not go into advanced detail; we do not get into any extensive biblical hermeneutics, and we do not fully unpack our exegetical findings (we recommend Revelation Verse by Verse or Revelations on Revelation if you’d like more detail!).

We do, however, want to give you a very good understanding of where we are coming from, why we come from there, and where we hope to go.

This course is first divided into lessons, and each lesson contains several topics. Each topic comes with one video teaching from cult Founder Shawn McCraney.

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