Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth or... cult!

Because church is justifiably done (see why on our welcome page), and because the gospel is fulfilled and completely subjective (learn more in our free course), we think our approach is a much more honest and legitimate model for seekers today. We (as individuals acting on our own accord) produce content and tools that will allow you (as an individual of your own volition) to personally study the word (in liberty) to derive the answers for yourself. Rather than requiring tithes in the name of God to fund the overhead of an institution that should not exist, we, instead, ask for (a very reasonable amount of) money to fund a legitimate service that we, an educational business, provide to you, an autonomous actor. You can read more about our ten key principles of ultra christian liberty here. And, if you find you like our method, you can register here… (if you want!)

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Tuition: $3.16 / month
Join the cult! cult members receive access to decades worth of study tools created by Shawn McCraney and his team. Curious about Shawn? Learn more about him!

Your cult Membership gives you free access to the following:

Verse by Verse teachings through the Bible:

  • Over 900 hours through the Apostolic Record.
  • Our continuing study through the Old Testament.

Over 200 hours of topical teachings from Shawn McCraney broadcast archives.


  • cult Course 0 | Introduction (Free)
  • cult Course 1 | Fundamentals ($.50/lesson)
  • cult Course 2 | Growth ($.50/lesson)
  • + more! We add new course content at the first of each month…
  • Community Platform for discussion and information sharing
  • 10% Discount on cult Shop (Books, PDFs, TShirts, Art)
  • Free attendance to cult Events (Art Shows, Seminars, etc.)
  • Member/Leader Content
  • cultFamily
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Take a deep and thorough dive into the principles that cult stands on. The cult Leadership Program deploys video lessons, quizzes and exams, and regular zoom meetings to give members the opportunity to study light, liberty, and love among a cohort of fellow seekers.

The cult Leadership Program includes:

  • 1.5 Year Long Program across 3 Learning Modules
  • 2-3 Hours per week commitment
  • Lessons, quizzes, midterms
  • Weekly and Monthly Zoom training sessions with cult Team and Founder
  • Exclusive Leader community arenas
  • Attendance at cult Annual Conference
  • Opportunity to Start a Cult and/or join cult Family
  • Prerequisites Courses for Leadership Program
  • cult Fundamentals Course
  • Verse by Verse through Revelation

a cult!

If cult believes in anything, it is the necessity for Christians to demonstrate agape love through actions. “Starting a cult” (ha!) is our ultimate goal for believers.

Graduated cult Leaders have the chance to work one on one with us, as we partner with established organizations to help serve our respective communities.
Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the following communities through the existing organizations who are devoted to their aid:
The widows, orphans, cold, hungry, sick, imprisoned, jobless, and schizophrenic.

With your cult Licensing Fee, you will receive:

  • Use of and ability to gather under the cult name and branding
  • Your own subdomain website with our hosting and administrative help.
  • Discounted access to all cult Materials (Books, print materials, PDFs, courses, community)
  • Specially designated cult community arena + accesses

cult wants to support creativity!

"Coming Soon!"


Join the Family, and let us give you a platform to create through cult!

cultFamily looks to support our cult Leaders who have the desire to create in whatever way they love.

cultFamily creators receive a cult “Channel”, or rather a subdomain of the, to use as a platform with our hosting and administrative support.

Creators also receive the benefits of a dedicated budget devoted to marketing cultFamily and its channels.


cult is all about supporting creativity out in the world!

Are you a supporter of cult who already produces relative content on your own? If so, we’d love for you to be our Friend!

cultFriends are affiliated creators who will receive marketing efforts from our team with the exchange of an affiliation contract.

If you like what we do, and find that you could benefit from the marketing support, we would love to be your Friend.


Do you make goods that you’d like to sell? Good for you, we love it!

We are currently creating an etsy-like marketplace for cultMembers to sell their goods on.

Access to buy/sell from this platform is free with your $3.16 Tuition fee.


Want to produce your own content but don’t have the gear?

cult has a studio in Salt Lake City, Utah which is available for rent!

The Studios include a sound-controlled recording studio and chroma-key photography/video capacity and we would love to allow our cult Members to use it for a discounted rate.