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In 2006, Shawn McCraney, a self-taught theologian, embarked on a structured and public study of the Bible with the aim of discovering Truth. His pursuit focused on a personal understanding of God without any external influences. Since then, every week, Shawn has shared his learnings with a live audience, including YouTube viewers, followed by a question and answer session.

The teachings aim to delve into the fundamental nature of God, exploring who He is and how He interacts with us today. Through these sessions, a profound appreciation for God’s love has emerged, reshaping perspectives on purpose and gratitude in everyday life.

These teachings are accessible for free through our navigable course format. The sessions continue weekly on Sundays at 10 AM MT, welcoming both in-person and virtual audiences on YouTube. To gain more insight into the Verse by Verse Channel, watch the video featuring Shawn and Delaney from The Great News Network below.

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The Great News Network comprises media organizations dedicated to sharing uplifting information with believers in God. In contrast to struggling religious institutions and shaky theological justifications, our network provides a genuine and contextually grounded understanding of YAHAVA and His Word. This knowledge serves to both anchor and enhance individuals’ spiritual experiences.

The term ‘The Great News’ is a play on ‘The Good News,’ commonly used in modern Christianity. While ‘The Good News’ often employs fear to pressure individuals into accepting Jesus by emphasizing the threat of eternal punishment, ‘The Great News’ suggests that the era of punishment, law, religion, dogma, and authority is over.

At The Great News, our carefully researched and lived experiences reveal that God allows individuals the freedom to pursue or not pursue Him as they choose. We are here to share the insights that led us to this conclusion, for you to consider in your personal journey and implement at your discretion.

The Great News Network consists of various organizations or “Channels,” each offering content spanning a broad spectrum of complexity. Whether you’re a beginner seeking fundamental insights or an advanced learner looking for supportive guidance, The Great News Network meets you where you are on your journey. All learning materials and content are designed with the intention of fostering agape love in individuals and in the world.

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