Revelation Series

When we took the entire Book of Revelation into historical and exegetical context, what we found was shocking – the book clearly tells us that Jesus already did return for his bride (quickly, like he promised) in 70 A.D.! If this is actually true, it means that church is over. That material religion is unnecessary and that we live in the age of a fulfilled gospel. After decades of arduous research pursued at an extensive cost, we have concluded that this is, in fact, true. And we find this truth to be such great news that the lives of our team are devoted to sharing it. If you are willing, we’d love the chance to prove it to you! We have produced publications, courses and art that all use a contextualized perspective on the Book of Revelation to prove the end of material religion. Check them out below!

Shawn McCraney has collected the details of each chapter of Revelation, composed them into holistic depictions, and etched them into 2’ x 2’ solid blocks of black acrylic. The technique is as jarring, astounding and unique as the principles that they are grounded in. Each piece, when observed in order, helps paint the picture of the often opaque and obscure details that make up the Book of Revelation. While the intricacies are too dense for most believers, Shawn has put in the study and time to consolidate the most pertinent points into a 22-part story, one that is simple to recite yet robustly incomprehensible in its implications. The aphoristic power of this collection is indescribable, and has changed our lives significantly!

Shawn uses deconstructive techniques reminiscent of intaglio, employing the gritty imperfection of misused power tools, to draw depictions using layering of textural shifts. The effect is intentional and effective in drawing a viewer into the details, and requiring a presence in person, similar to the effect that we have on other individuals as believers – our love is demonstrated one on one, with sacrifice and with a visible hand.

Artwork of John the beloved depicted on the Isle of Patmos when he first encounters Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega and is told to write what he will see.

The book of Revelation was written to actual believers who gathered in seven literal churches in an area called Asia Minor when it was composed. John was told to record what he saw in vision and to give it to these churches to read. All of the information revealed was, according to the first verse of the book, to occur “shortly”, proving that Revelation was written to them, then.


The first four of the seven churches of Asia minor are depicted as pastors with the first Greek letter of their Church name included in their robes. These churches were either warned, complimented, or both, by the Lord.


The remaining three churches in Asia Minor are depicted as pastors with the first Greek letter of their church name also included in their robes. These churches were also either warned by the Lord, complimented, or both.

The throne room of the Lord God Almighty is presented with the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders casting their crowns before Him.

The Lamb of God before a host of numerous angels is decidedly called, “Worthy”. The artist suggests that the Lamb of God in the Book of Revelation is always a representation of the incarnate Christ.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are uniquely depicted as riding on a white horse, a speckled horse, a black horse and a green horse. The first six seals of the Apocalypse are broken in this scene.

Angels hold back winds from the four corners of the land while another angel seals 12,000 from every tribe of Israel (which names in Hebrew surround the scene) and who compose 144,000 of the faithful. The living creatures, elders and angels are all around the throne worshipping God and those in white robes are identified as those who came out of the Great Tribulation having washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb.

The Seventh Seal is broken. One angel with a golden shovel filled with fire casts it to earth while four of the seven angels blow their trumpets bringing great tribulation to the same. Another angel warns of the three angels yet to sound.

A fifth angel with a key to the bottomless pit opens it and releases smoke that darkens the sun and sky. From the smoke comes “locusts” (Roman soldiers) with the power to stink like scorpions. Their king, bearing a sword, is identified as Abaddon (in Hebrew) and Apollyon (in Greek).

Another angel from heaven (who was clothed with a cloud, had a rainbow on his head, a face like the sun, and feet like pillars of fire) has a small scroll in his hand with a foot on land and a foot on sea.

This is the tenth of a twenty-two piece collection called the Revelation Series. cult Founder Shawn McCraney has collected the details of each chapter and hand-etched them into 2’ x 2’ blocks of solid black acrylic.

Two witnesses lay dead in the streets of Jerusalem for three days but are then miraculously raised-up again.

A great wonder appears in heaven of a pregnant woman about to deliver a child. The moon is under her feet, and above her head a crown of twelve stars. A great dragon with seven heads and a tail that draws one third of the hosts of heaven away with his tail seeks to devour the child as soon as it is born. The Lord oversees it all.

The anti-Christ is described, revealed and identified by a number six hundred and sixty six, a calculation from the Hebrew gematria which secretly reveals the identity of Caesar Nero to all with eyes to see.

The Lamb of God appears on Mount Zion with the 144,000 represented as stars. Three more angels announce the harvest of the land’s wheat and grapes.

Seven Heavenly angels appear out of heaven with each bearing a bowl of sorrow to pour out upon the land.

The seven bowls are poured out – one causing pain, one on the sea, one on the Euphrates river, one on the sun (causing angry pain), one of the throne of the Beast, one to dry the Euphrates river up, and one to cause earthquakes. Unclean frogs appear hearkening back to Moses and the plagues on Egypt.

The whore of Babylon, identified as fallen Israel, sits on the back of the seven-headed beast (Rome). Her sitting on this beast is a representation of her being intimate with it. This beast will eventually turn on her and devour her.

Jerusalem is filled with demons and evil birds so the faithful make their exodus from her before Jesus returns with judgement.


Artwork of the Glorified Lord returning in the clouds in the nineteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation.

The glorified Lord returns in the clouds, riding on a horse with a sword, as promised.

Hell is then emptied out. There is a grand white throne judgement where all from that age are judged by what is written in those books. Those whose names are not found in the Book of Life will have “their part” in the Lake of Fire where Satan, the Beast and the False Prophet have been cast.

A new heaven, a new earth, and a new Jerusalem (established previously) are all now in place. The Kingdom of God is spiritual and operates from heaven with gates open day and night on every side of the wall surrounding it. By faith in Christ the Kingdom is accessed. All refusing to receive Him dwell outside the walls of this heavenly kingdom.

Within the new eternal Kingdom is a tree with a river of water gushing forth to all the world with the same message: “And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” This, along with the depictions of Chapter 21, describe the age people live in today.