Welcome to your Dashboard
Your Dashboard hosts all of your cult study tools in one place. Navigate the Dashboard menu to find your enrolled courses, purchases and downloads, account settings, or support portal. Or return to the Main Menu to browse and collect more tools! Swipe for a quick guide on how to proceed.
How can I find my tools?
All of your acquired tools can be found within the Dashboard Menu. To access courses you are enrolled in, click "My Courses". To access digital publications, click "My Downloads". To access additional order information for physical goods, click "My Orders". To access information on your subscription, click "My Subscriptions".
How can I get more tools?
To browse, shop or get more information on more study tools, navigate the Main cult Menu. You can select "Courses", "Publications", "Art", or "Shop" to access the content we offer. You can select "Events" or "Updates" to see more on what is happening at cult. The Main Menu is also where you can logout or return to your Dashboard.
Where can I get more information?
Still curious about who we are? We have created many free tools to help you learn about us and where we came from. Check out the FAQ link on this page, or take our free "cult Introduction" Course for more information!
Where can I get support?
And if you still need help, you can submit a support ticket by clicking "Support" in the Dashboard Menu. This will send a ticket to our team, and we will get back to you within 1 business day. Thank you for being a part of cult, and happy studies!