Revelation 2:12-17

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The Lord begins His exhortation to this church period by reminding them of the two-edged sword – His Word. His Word contains clear warnings about the corruption that’s starting to flood into the church. This corruption dominated the institutional church for over a thousand years until His Word, the Scriptures, were again esteemed as the only source of church doctrine. Next, the Lord acknowledges that this church dwells where “Satan’s throne” is. Pergamos had a literal altar to the god Baal called “Satan’s throne.” This is linked to the epistle Paul wrote in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4. Antipas means “anti-pope” or “anti-father.” This was a movement that rose up after the church became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Those in this movement believed that the only Head of the church was Jesus. No man should presume His rightful place or be called “father” – a title that should be reserved for the Lord alone. The death of Antipus appears to have been a result of a popular outbreak or excitement, and not a persecution carried on under the authority of government. In the church at Pergamos there were those who taught, substantially, the same thing that Balaam did; that is, the tendency of whose teaching was to lead men into idolatry, and the ordinary accompaniment of idolatry – licentiousness. He would come against the church for tolerating these teachers, but His opposition would be principally directed against the Nicolaitanes themselves. If the church would repent, or if it would separate itself from the evil, then the Savior would not come against them. If this were not done, they would feel the vengeance of His sword, and be subjected to punishment. Check out our Website