Why did we name ourselves "cult"?

cult stands for Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. “Libertarian” does not refer to a political stand… In fact, we have zero interest in politics. We are, instead, interested in a better form of liberty: that which comes from choosing and demonstrating agape love.

You may wonder – if we want liberty so badly, why would we name ourselves cult? Well, frankly, we think everything is a cult. Our religions, our jobs, our music, our families. So, we will be first to admit that we are a cult too. So what is our cult about?

As a cult, we only demand thing from our Members: the commitment to Selfless, Sacrificial and inSufferable love. Anything beyond that is simply up to you. We do not require doctrinal stances, cultural affiliations, political positions, money, contributions or participation of any sort to qualify your Membership. We only demand an attempt toward love. 

What is cult?

cult is a biblically justified supplement for church. This means that first, we ground our position and our educational tools in the Bible, and our research in the Bible justifies our reliance on agape love. In that love, we are a supplements for strengthening your faith and love through education. This education is available to all in love, no matter your denominational belief or preference. 

cult is not a church. Being a cult Member has nothing to do with your salvation, it is not required in any way shape or form by God or by us. cult is an organization, participated in voluntarily, that offers researched methods for you to come and consider in your personal walk with the Lord.

What makes cult different?

“Big Church” is a play off of “Big Pharma”; Big Church is not a descriptor or implication of any denomination or institution specifically, but rather the religious industrial complex at large. We recognize that Big Church is an organism existing outside of the control of any specific individual(s). 

We find that this entity, Big Church, is more so being recognized for divisiveness rather than inclusivity. Often this comes from an employed fear of a coming judgement… Our model is to provide a self-initiated service, which we started by the guidance of the Spirit in our own lives, and whose existence or participation is explicitly not a demand of God. We present individuals with tools which they can voluntarily pay for to use in their own personal walk. We do not even remotely suggest our way is the only way, but we are convicted of it, stand by it and want to share it. Everything we do is work you could do on your own – we are simply a business that provides a service that does some work for you, and you can use it if you’d like.

What makes us qualified to run cult?

The founder of cult.love is Shawn McCraney – a devoted, decades-long theologian. He studied at the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry under Chuck Smith, and has studied the bible for 30-60 hours per week on his own volition. Not only has Shawn has sacrificed and dedicated his life to this personal research… he has done so publicly. He has taught live call-in weekly and bi-weekly religious broadcasts since 2006, and his teachings and work have been under heavy religious scrutiny all the while. Shawn has honed and developed a sincere and robust perspective on the faith in his search for Truth, and has organized cult to share it with you.

How do we approach teaching?

All of our cult study tools are grounded in a dense and decades-long research practice that digs into each word of the Bible. We analyze every syllable, taking it into as much context as we can get our hands on. In everything we do, we come with the intent to test all things and hold fast to what is good, and we encourage the same from all who partake of our content. Ask all of the questions. Leave no stone unturned. Love each other no matter what.

What do we offer?

The cult.love platform a hub for all committed to love to unify and study together to fortify our faith – in spite of our differences. We offer many ways for you to  supplement your walk with information and education, and are eager to unite with you on common ground to hopefully sustain the modern body.

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Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (or, cult) is a biblically justified supplement for church. Out to unite all and educate some, our non-profit online educational platform offers learning aids for growing in agape love.