We are thrilled to announce...

Join us LIVE on Sunday, October 1, 2023

We will release the next, most critically necessary faith movement for all seekers of Spirit and Truth.

We cannot wait to share with you the next evolution of the cumulative decades of work we’ve done to deconstruct religion and rebuild authentic, individual relation to God (YAHAVA).

If you didn’t know, founder Shawn McCraney has dedicated his life and work to evaluating, debunking, and rebuilding what the context of the Bible suggests about God and how we relate to Him today. Most recently, on October 2, 2021, we launched Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (cult). Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is an online learning center presenting a holistic, contextual perspective on the Bible in order to incite spiritual liberty.

Now – we are prepared to bring you Yeshuan. If Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is the “learning” arm of our pursuits, Yeshuan is the arm of “faith”. What does this mean? We’d love to unpack it all for you, and hear more questions We welcome any and all either in person at cult HQ or on YouTube to join our presentation, and bring any and all questions in the spirit of our one requirement: agape love.

Return to this page any time before or after this announcement for more information.

Tune into this link on October 1 at 10AM MT!

If you are in the SLC Area, join us in person at 137 W. 4640 S. Murray, Utah 84107.

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