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The Book of Revelation is not what you may expect.

When we took the entire Book of Revelation into historical and exegetical context, what we found was shocking – the book clearly tells us that Jesus already did return for his bride (quickly, like he promised) in 70 A.D.! If this is actually true, it means that material religion is utterly unnecessary. After decades of arduous research pursued at an extensive cost, we have concluded that this is, in fact, true. All of our most pertinent research has been collected for you to study in our Revelations on Revelation Series.

Men have f**ked with Jesus. Let's discuss how.

The “Don’t F**k With” Series is a collection of six short books (Don’t F**k with Jesus, God, the Spirit, Believers, and Unbelievers) which are all aimed at a very specific audience – the young, those burned by religious tradition, and seekers of God in spirit and truth. A no-holds barred, no-nonsense, blunt approach, the series hopes to contribute to the deconstruction of religion and all of its material and spiritual failures while inspiring individuals to seek an intimate, personal relationships with God through unadulterated truth. More from the series coming soon, stay tuned!

Our perspective is supported by a number of related studies.

We’ve produced a series of information dense PDFs and books. Each are focused on a specific topic from our research, and present you with a more narrow, concise argument.