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cult is aimed at equipping you with as many tools to help inform and aid your personal decisions. Our publications consolidate our research into formalized and written resources for your reference. Revelations on Revelation, and its corresponding twenty-two volume set of extensive commentary, are our suggestion on where to go for all of the details. Our Revelation Series also includes courses, art, and merchandise! Browse the collection.

Our downloadable PDFs unpack some related studies…

The End of Material Religion is a A downloadable workbook which uses the Bible to prove that “brick and mortar” religion should have died a long time ago. Shawn made this in his early days of studying eschatology. He outlines the major points and includes footnoted references for you to evaluate yourself. Read more

The Christian Anarchist Crookbook is dangerous. Not to you, the reader, but to religious charlatans who despise it’s contents. To fearful parents who want their children to remain in the denomination they have chosen for them. To religionists who would rather have you follow the traditions of Man than the Spirit through a contextual understanding of the Bible. Don’t read this book if you want to please mom and dad. Put it down if you want to be religiously manipulated for the rest of your life. But if you want to be free from men and their religious imaginations, if you want the truth no matter what the cost, if you really want to know what Christianity is all about from a biblical perspective, read on – and be free – because all you think you know about Christianity is probably wrong. Read more

Eternal Punishment questions the idea of eternal punishment. It looks at the frightening prospect of burning in hell for all eternity, and presents biblical considerations the contrary for your consideration. The document is a collection of an “over-the-pulpit” sermon series conducted by Shawn McCraney at his previous bible teaching called “C.A.M.P.U.S” (Christian Anarchists Meeting Prayerfully to Understand Scripture) from 2013. Read more

It’s Not the End of the World uses the Bible to disprove the man-made, end-of-the-world, second-coming hype. Shawn writes it specifically for those who sincerely believe in God’s supreme longsuffering, rather than hope for a firey, wrathful judgement to fall upon their enemies. Read more

… and our books help identify why popular Christian culture has damaged the true intent of the faith.

Ever wonder why there are so many different interpretations of the Bible? A book that apparently has all the answers but winds up being understood in a thousand different ways? Could it be that it was never meant to provide objective solutions to the world but to instead serve individual believers as a map for their respective walk? Have we misinterpreted the purpose and place of the New Testament today? This book suggests that yes, we have – and it’s high time to see the Bible for what it is – a gift from God to bless individuals and not a knife to kill one another. See more on Knife to a Gun Fight.

If My Kingdom Were of This World, Then My Servants Would Fight is a believer’s refusal to join popular Christian culture. 1 John says “All that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” Yet in the face of this, true Christians also know from the Word of God that our response to such darkness is to be spiritual, and we are to wage against it with the weapons of spiritual warfare and not carnal conflagrations. See more on If / Then.

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