What are cult Publications?​
cult Publications collect decades of research into documented references. Our Publications intend to give you tangible resources to support your study.
What is cult Art?
cult Art supplement your study with visual, tactile and performative learning aids. Our Art supports a comprehensive and wholistic perspective.
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cult Events include hosted and invited events in which we are involved. Event formats include seminars, debates, art shows, conferences, gatherings and more!
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The cult Shop provides you with merchandise to support your study and aid the spread of the agape love we hope to demonstrate!
What is cult?
Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (or, cult) is a biblically justified replacement for church. Our educational platform provides courses, publications, art and events in the age of fulfillment.
What are cult Courses?​​
cult Courses organize thousands of recorded teachings into our trackable online format. All Courses collectively equip you with the best resources to pursue truth.
Revelation Study 

When we took the entire Book of Revelation into historical and exegetical context, what we found was shocking – the book clearly tells us that Jesus already did return for his bride (quickly, like he promised) in 70 A.D.! If this is actually true, it means that material religion is unnecessary. After decades of arduous research pursued at an extensive cost, we have concluded that this is, in fact, true. All of our most pertinent research is in our Revelations on Revelation Series.

The Don't F**k With  Series

The “Don’t F**k With” Series is a collection of six short books (Don’t F**k with Jesus, God, the Spirit, Believers, and Unbelievers) which are all aimed at a very specific audience – the young, those burned by religious tradition, and seekers of God in spirit and truth. A no-holds barred, no-nonsense, blunt approach, the series hopes to contribute to the deconstruction of religion and all of its material and spiritual failures while inspiring individuals to seek an intimate, personal relationships with God through unadulterated truth. More from the series coming soon, stay tuned!

Comprehensive Summaries

The following are documents which overview our perspective. Each presents robust sets of biblical and secular references for your consideration.​

Related Studies

The following are a series of information dense PDFs. These are each focused on a specific topic that we have researched, and present you with a more narrow, concise argument.

Topical Novels

The following books are fictional narratives written by Shawn McCraney. They apply spiritual principles to relatable, real-life situations.