Why do we think church is done?

We think church is done for a few reasons…

… the Word was written for them, then.

When we unpack the Word in context, we find that it was specifically written to those people in that day. We find that it clearly states Jesus returned and fulfilled the gospel in 70A.D. And, consequently, we find that the faith is now subjectively lived by the Spirit.

Bold as these statements may seem, they come from decades of devoted research from cult Founder Shawn McCraney, and were all conducted in an authentic search for truth – unconstrained by tradition and men.

Shawn has footnoted and written extensive commentary on the Book of Revelation. He cites internal and external contextual evidences that indicate Jesus’ fulfillment of the gospel in 70 A.D.

So, the faith is now subjectively lived and individually pursued.

The thousands of hours of recorded teachings, conducted over the decades of research by Shawn McCraney, are now entirely synthesized in to navigable courses, publications, art, and public events available here at cult.love.

These products were developed to facilitate your pursuit of knowledge and faith which we believe is an entirely individual pursuit. Our products are here to ease your study – which you can entirely do on your own! We are simply alongside you in support, love and encouragement, but believe we each are responsible to God, and Him alone.

But, this is our perspective. Challenge us!

cult content presents one perspective of many. It has all been made entirely out of an authentic search for Truth. That has come with painful twists and turns that are consequential of growth, but it has grown roots that we stand very strong upon.

We are, however, always open to criticism, and hope to continue to grow in Him alongside you; we expect from fellow believers that that is done in the attempt for agape love, and with the understanding that we see through a glass darkly.

So, please, dig into our content, find out where we are wrong, and work alongside us in His agape love to continue to unveil.

How should we proceed?

Well, it is up to you! But we have some thoughts of our own that we can share…

We live by the Spirit.

Now, if the faith is subjectively lived, we have the responsibility to respond to our personal relationship and promptings from the Lord. We will have our own opinions, preferences and objectives, but as long as we are in the Spirit – we believe it is all taken care of.

Knowing this, we think it is important for us to help identify ways that men have inserted upon and interfered with the liberty that He has intended for our lives. With a body of “why” content, we are now building up our “what” content; courses, books and art in the What section are dedicated to the methods with which we can implement the principles of the Why into our daily lives.

We study, create, and grow individually and alongside one another in His liberty and love.

With the liberty that God has given us through the death and resurrection of his Son, we find so much peace in our ability to individually pursue the Lord, grow and create alongside one another without prescription from men, and demonstrate agape love through our daily efforts and actions.

We have produced so much content out of our own method of expression that we would love to share. Through a range of mediums of art, we hope to demonstrate what the life of a truly free believer could look like! Art provided through cult are entirely made by Shawn McCraney – but his methods are by no means prescriptive of What you should do with your walk. We instead hope to encourage how you may find freedom for yourself to create in response to the personal call that the Lord has placed on your heart.

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