What are cult Courses?​​
cult Courses organize thousands of recorded teachings into our trackable online format. All Courses collectively equip you with the best resources to pursue truth.
What are cult Publications?​
cult Publications collect decades of research into documented references. Our Publications intend to give you tangible resources to support your study.
What is cult Art?
cult Art supplement your study with visual, tactile and performative learning aids. Our Art supports a comprehensive and wholistic perspective.
What are cult Events?
cult Events include hosted and invited events in which we are involved. Event formats include seminars, debates, art shows, conferences, gatherings and more!
What are cult Updates?
cult Updates keep you posted on any and all news related to cult. Stay up with new additions to the curriculum and events in the community.
What is the cult Shop?
The cult Shop provides you with merchandise to support your study and aid the spread of the agape love we hope to demonstrate!
What is cult?
Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (or, cult) is a biblically justified replacement for church. Our educational platform provides courses, publications, art and events in the age of fulfillment.
Free Courses

We offer thousands of hours of free course content teaching through the Bible, on select topics pertinent to the foundation of cult, and introductory explanations on our history and distinctives.

cult Courses

cult Courses charge $0.50 per hour-long lesson for maximal accessibility to our message. The following courses expand upon all of the details on why church is over, and how we should proceed now that it is.

Don't F**k With Jesus

Don't F**k With Jesus unpacks how religious f**kery has entirely altered the reality of our Savior's existence and purpose. The first of a six part series, this course dismantles the detrimental effects of religious tradition in order to reveal the original intent behind critical aspects of the faith.

Suicide 365: Killing Yourself God's Way

We've also developed some ideas on how to effectively kill yourself (spiritually) - God's Way...