Hear why we think church is over…

We want to make sure you have a full sense of who we are before you invest in cult. We’ve made this course in an attempt to give you an overview of who we are and where we come from. Take the course!

If it seems like we’re onto something, then you might test our cult Courses… 

cult Fundamentals contains 51 to give an exhaustive overview of the justification for our seemingly outlandish claim that church is over. Learn more about cult Fundamentals.

cult Growth builds upon the principles of the Fundamentals to lend a relatively broad overview of how growth in believers now continues forward in a subjectively lived faith. Learn more about cult Growth.

If these principles strike your curiosity, or you fervently need to challenge them: we do not blame you. Let us unpack how we came to our conclusions in a verse by verse manner through the Book of Revelation. This course is slow and dense, but gives you every historical, contextual detail of our position. Learn more about our Revelation Course.

And if you find you resonate with the cult Course content,
we would love for you to become a cult Leader.

Our cult Leadership Program builds on the principles established in the cult Courses to steady your foundation of knowledge and arm you with a full understanding of faith in the age of fulfillment. Leader Modules include video teachings, zoom sessions, quizzes and PDF notes for your best learning.

While the first module, Module OO, establishes the entire foundation, the second module, Module X, is detailed and thorough. We fill in any remaining gaps of knowledge with more textual and historical support.

The final module required to become a cult Leader, Module O, is preparatory. Here we equip you with resources and skills to serve those in need in our world. Learn more about cult Leadership.

When you freely enroll as a cult Member, you’ll also have access to decades of biblical and topical research.

You can watch the most pertinent episodes from our past television and YouTube broadcasts…

… and you can study with us, verse by verse, through the entire Apostolic Record (which most people call the New Testament). Learn more about our verse by verse collection.

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