Welcome to Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, or cult.

cult is an online educational platform for individuals to pursue knowledge of Truth through principles of ultra liberty. We offer a range of curriculum, community, and expressions to facilitate each member’s individual growth in a faith that has been fulfilled, and is now subjectively lived.

With our tongue-in-cheek acronym, this organization is strictly concerned with and grounded in the ultra liberty that we as individuals are freely given by God. All efforts, education, expressions, and ephemera produced by cult are intended to portray, promote and perpetuate only that: individual liberty.

cult functions through inclusivity; every individual is welcome. Our members have one rule: they must act only in agape love. Without patience, long-suffering, kindness, and humility, we are nothing.

So, for that, and because we charge some money, perhaps we are a cult… But if everything is a cult… why not choose the cult to end all cults?

Ten Key Principles of
Christian Ultra-Liberty!


That the Christian faith is subjectively understood, believed, and lived.

In an ever-abiding presence of liberty, which is defined as “the ability to understand, believe and live as a believer sees fit so long as they are not a threat to the liberties of others or present a threat to their personal well-being.” This liberty allows every person the right to live in whatever way they decide while trusting that all people are individually responsible to the True and Living God for the decisions they make relative to faith.



That individualism is of utmost importance, meaning no cultural, political, or institutional demand or expectation is imposed upon anyone for any reason ever. This is supported by the fact that God created us all uniquely and the traits he supplies each of us with ought not be infringed upon by anyone, especially in the name of Christ our Lord. In summary, here, “the individual is more important than the collective” and all individuals are worthy of kindness, respect and love.

That a healthy skepticism of power abides, with power being defined as “getting people to do what you want that they would otherwise not do on their own.” Many powers suggest that they force people to act because “it is in their best interest to do so.” We maintain that the individual knows what’s best for them and they ought to have the constant capacity to freely choose to act for themselves (or not).



That universal rules of law are upheld, meaning there is no rule, law or imposition that will treat any individual differently than another. No special rules or laws will be imposed or promoted to set any race, gender, religious expression, lifestyle or disability apart from others. A human being is a human being here as they will be treated respectfully as just that – someone made in God’s image.

We give a nod to spontaneous order, with order being defined as “the existence of regularity and predictability.“ Some people assume that for order to exist there must be those who are put in charge to bark demands. We suggest that based on the individuals involved herein that order can and will arise spontaneously, therefore eliminating the need for the governance of others. In other words, when people voluntarily choose to participate with others in a given event or gathering, order will spontaneously be the result and liberty will be manifestly upheld.



The freedom to gather. Registrants may gathering for any reason, in anyway, and at any time, without infringement by any assumed power. This goes hand in hand with the spontaneous order mentioned above. No apparent authority or person ought to insert itself into any matter relative to individuals and their desires to congregate or not.

Toleration, which is the belief that someone should not interfere with something of which they disapprove (excepting physical harm of another). Toleration is not supporting something or someone because you agree with them, it’s the opposite – it means fellowship in spite of the fact that you don’t agree with the other. A classic example of this is free speech. We may find someone’s expressions reprehensible, but toleration says that we are for more dedicated to their right to express themselves than to hinder them from saying that which we don’t appreciate or agree. The caveat to this on this site is that all free speech, because this is a gathering of Christian Ultra-Libertarians, is expected to be always be couched in the fruit of the Spirit.



Peace is then an essential, with peace being defined as going about all of the above without violence or war; condemnation or criticism, mockery or derision and allowing these things to exist without animus, alienation or division.

That agape love will abide and reign over all matters at all times for all registrants with this love being described as kind, gentle, longsuffering, patient, self-controlled and merciful.


In the end cult.love is all about building an open network of agape love between all receivers in Christ regardless of denomination or sect. Anyone who lays claim to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is welcome here; what is not welcome is infighting over denominational differences no matter what they may be.