A biblically justified replacement for church.

Church is over.
Let us prove it.

Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, or cult, is a biblically justified replacement for church. In our rigorous research on scripture and its surrounding context, we have derived that, first, liberty is intrinsic to our relation to God, and further, everything in the Bible has already been fulfilled. It is finished. In this light, we humbly offer a multitude of learning materials to help you study our findings, and unpack the implications for yourself. Below is a free seminar on The End Of Material Religion. It presents a condensed and consolidated argument for the entire basis of our organization and content. 

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cult.love was created to help you find liberty through an intimate knowledge of biblical fulfillment. The concept is not original to us, but is still unconscionably under-recognized. We hope you can find Truth and Light in The Great News: the gospel has been fulfilled and we as believers in this age of fulfillment have ultra-liberty in and through Christ. We are free from the unnecessary burdens that religion heinously demands. 

We did the homework, and now we’ve gone to the effort to make it easy for you to do the same. Our platform offers a considerably dense amount of resources to enrich and expedite your personal search for Truth. This content has changed our lives, and we expect it to do the same for you… we hope you take advantage.

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cult produces study materials on biblical fulfillment and its role in modern faith.

At cult, we do everything with an intent to get to as close to Truth as we can. We seek to ground our faith entirely in supported facts. Our cult study materials are dense with references, details, biblical and extra biblical supports, and commentary to help you also question what the Truth might actually be. We invite you to explore, enroll and root your understanding of God, faith, and fulfillment in Truth and with reason.


Courses tap into decades of research to teach the justifications and effects of the fulfilled faith. cult Founder Shawn McCraney does most of the teaching; Courses are taught in a structured, detailed, empassioned and authentic manner.


Publications have been developed as supplemental documents for you to perpetually reference. These references attempt to leave no stone left unturned, uncovering a plethora of topics at a range of depth.


Our Art is intended to round out your study with visual, tactile and performative aids. Each piece is uniquely conceived, and further reproduced through prints, transfers and digitization. The work is exclusively limited to cult members!


cult reaches a world wide audience with virtual and travelling events. Join our seminars, debates, art shows, conferences, gatherings and more! All are welcome to view our events as we record them and publish online; we encourage participation in these events as they demonstrate our ideas in action with the community.

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Get studying and liberate thyself.

We have a bank of materials which present innumerable facts and perspectives to ultimately allow you to make an informed decision for yourself. Most are free, and all are rich in content. 

Our one ask is that you register for free. Registration requires little information from you, but we still require this step in order to preserve a standard of quality across our platform. If you would like to get started, we encourage you to sign up by by clicking below! Or, if you are unsure, we suggest you read more on our cult Distinctives linked below.

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