The cult Revelation Series

When we took the entire Book of Revelation into historical and exegetical context, what we found was shocking – the book clearly tells us that Jesus already did return for his bride (quickly, like he promised) in 70 A.D.! If this is actually true, it means that church is over. That material religion is unnecessary and that we live in the age of a fulfilled gospel.

After decades of arduous research pursued at an extensive cost, we have concluded that this is, in fact, true. And we find this truth to be such great news that the lives of our team are devoted to sharing it. If you are willing, we’d love the chance to prove it to you! We have produced publications, courses and art that all use a contextualized perspective on the Book of Revelation to prove the end of material religion. Check them out below!

Revelation Series Publications

Revelations on Revelation footnotes each word and verse of the entire Book of Revelation. Author Shawn McCraney has cited intra- and extra-biblical texts to bring historical and cultural evidences to better understand the language and writings of the book. This resource coincides with the verse by verse teaching that he conducted and we have available (below) as a course.

Revelations on Revelation is an abstract of a much larger work that will be part of a detailed translation of the entire Apostolic Record (or New Testament). Because of this some of the footnoted citations (CLA citations in particular) are not included here but will be part of the final production of the finished work. In the meantime, we hope this will serve as an outline to support your study of this fascinating revelation from, and of, our Lord.

In addition to the footnoted book, Shawn has also written extended commentaries on each and every chapter at large. Revelations on Revelation, taken into consideration with these commentaries, we think will assuredly prove that the end of material religion came in 70 A.D. We stand by our findings with clarity and humility, but we could always be wrong! Challenge us and help us find the Truth!

Revelation Series Course

22 Lessons
92 Topics
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We, at cult, are under the impression that Jesus came back 2000 years ago. Are you interested in why we think this? Beginning in the fall of 2016, Shawn conducted a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation in his regular weekly meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shawn, along with the attending and virtual audience, continued their typical pursuit of Truth in the Word with an open mind and heart. In doing so, they embarked upon the study with an intent to parse the book from a few of the several different perspectives that exist on Revelation, including the futurist, the preterist, and the historicist.

From this study, Shawn came to his own conclusions, which he now calls the “fulfilled” perspective, that have entirely influenced his perspective on the faith today. Those conclusions are fundamental to the principles that cult stands on. These teachings are incredibly information dense and enriching. We encourage you to listen with an open mind and heart yourself, and challenge us!
This course is first divided into lessons (assigned by chapter), and each lesson contains several topics. Each topic comes with one video teaching from cult Founder Shawn McCraney, and the topic name indicates which verses are covered in that respective topic.
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Revelation Series Art

To artistically represent these findings, cult Founder (ha!) Shawn McCraney has collected the details of each chapter of Revelation, composed them into holistic depictions, and etched them into 2’ x 2’ solid blocks of black acrylic. The technique is as jarring, astounding and unique as the principles that they are grounded in. Each piece, when observed in order, helps paint the picture of the often opaque and obscure details that make up the Book of Revelation. While the intricacies are too dense for most believers, Shawn has put in the study and time to consolidate the most pertinent points into a 22-part story, one that is simple to recite yet robustly incomprehensible in its implications. The aphoristic power of this collection is indescribable, and has changed our lives significantly!

Shawn uses deconstructive techniques reminiscent of intaglio, employing the gritty imperfection of misused power tools, to draw depictions using layering of textural shifts. The effect is intentional and effective in drawing a viewer into the details, and requiring a presence in person, similar to the effect that we have on other individuals as believers – our love is demonstrated one on one, with sacrifice and with a visible hand.