Before you start... let's get acquainted!

How The Platform Works

Introducing Your Journey Hub:
Your Hub for all Central Information

Get ready to explore your Journey Hub! This is the central place where all your account and Journey information will be stored. Whenever you need anything in the future, you can simply visit your Hub to access all the important details.

Exploring Menu Options in the Hub: Your Journey Tab

Inside the hub, you'll find a few menu options. Let's start with the Journey Tab. This is where you can easily access the destinations you've already acquired. Additionally, you can also use this tab to discover and acquire new destinations.

Exploring the Resources Tab: Enhance Your Learning

In addition to the Journey Destinations, we provide a wide array of supplementary content for you to explore and incorporate into your studies.

Managing Your Account Made Easy

Should you require information about your orders, downloads, or need assistance from our admin team, simply head to your Account Tab. Navigate to the sub-menu and choose the relevant option to access the information you need or to submit a support ticket.

Starting the Journey

Next, you will be taken to the registration page for Destination A.

Destination A is the first stop on the Journey. It gives a robust overview of the fundamentals of biblical context to incite liberty. If you are not ready, you can browse the resources and Verse by Verse. But if you are ready, simply fill out the form and get started!

And don't forget — you need a password!

Currently, you are signed in. To ensure you can return later, it's important to set up a password. Open your email inbox. You should find an email labeled "Please create your password." Click the link within that email to establish your password and enable future logins.