Revelations 1:13-20

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Revelation 1:13-20 In the vision as it appeared to John, he saw “one like unto the Son of man.” This was evidently the Lord Jesus Christ, himself. He is like a man – a human being, or in human form. This was a manifestation of a Divine person. We are not necessarily to suppose this is the form in which the Savior always appears now in heaven, or that this is the form in which He will appear when He comes to judge the world. The representation is, that this form was assumed for the purpose of impressing the mind of the apostle with a sense of His majesty and glory. John was overwhelmed with the suddenness of the vision; he saw that this was a Divine being; but he did not yet know that it was the Saviour at first. It is evident that John was overpowered with that awful emotion which the human mind must feel at the evidence of the prescence of God. Yet amidst the most awful manifestations of Divine power, the simple assurance that our Redeemer is near us is enough to allay our fears, and diffuse calmness through out the soul. The Lord declares, “I am the first and the last.” This is stated to be one of the reasons why John should not fear – that He was eternal; therefore He can accomplish all His promises, and execute all His purposes. He has “the keys of hell and of death,” which was to hold the power over the invisible world. He had himself been raised from the dead by His own power, thus showing that the dominion over this dark world was entrusted to Him. John is now commanded to record the meaning of these symbols which he is shown as referring to things then actually existing in the seven churches. And things which shall be hearafter. Evidently implied is, that the meaning of these symbols would be beyond the ordinary powers of the human mind to arrive at with certainty. Hence, John was directed to explain the symbols. Such is the sublime vision under which this book opens; such was the solemn commission which the penman of the book received. No more appropriate introduction to what is contained in the book could be imagined; no more appropriate circumstances for making such a sublime revelation could have existed. Check out our Website