Revelation 2:1-7 – Part 2

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(Verse 4) The passage says they have left their first love but it better means they “let it down,” meaning it was less on fire and alive than what it used to be. Because agape love is everything it cannot lose priority in the Christian walk. What was once glowing and ardent for God and others had faded. Recall when we first fell in love with God, when we were born from above and were given “New Life.” If God could accept us so unconditionally, we were open to accept everyone else in a similar light. But for whatever reason the love in the Church at Ephesus was in a state of declension. Within the church or a body of believers there can be a tendency toward the same thing. Some in the faith today, also lose their first love once the firework show in conversion ends. Jesus has first commended the Church at Ephesus for their labors, and their patience, and the fact that they have exposed the Nicolaitanes as false prophets. But Jesus warns them to repent and turn back to their former love. His church and body is ripe with Spirit and its fruit which is firstly love, and if love is not abiding, the church is nothing. (Verse 5) Here Jesus tells the church at Ephesus to look back, to recall, and to remember their first love because in so doing the hope is they would repent, or change. We can do the same thing with ourselves when we sense our first love fading. Work backward, recall where you once were and where you are now – and in all probability you will discover the moment you began to fade. Check out our Website