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On the cult journey, we will be your guide through a robust set of researched and supported information. The content is structured in a deliberately progressive manner to best equip you with tools to enact love in your life. Along the way, you will gain a rich understanding of the context surrounding biblical text.
Though the structure is deliberate, the journey is ultimately yours to navigate. You can do it on your own time, and at your own pace, and in your own way.

On the journey, you will be guided through a sequence of Destinations. Destinations each contain a collection of learning resources. These resources come in various formats, including, but not limited to, videos, text, music, art. Each Destination is differentiated by its complexity and subject matter.

Within each Destination, you’ll tour a number of stops. Stops bring structured teachings on chosen topics and are intended to sustain and strengthen your faith. You can also take Day Trips to learn about tangential but related subjects.

Around town are various attractions like Libraries and Museums. Attractions around town contain additional learning resources for your journey, and you can visit these at any time! Additionally, along the way, your study will be supported with a Playlist of our signature music and podcasts.


When you enter the Destination, you will notice three distinct areas on the page. The menu across the top, the navigation bar on the left, and the main content in the center.

In the main menu at the top, you’ll notice four main features. The logo on the far left is a return to the Hub. The progress bar indicates how far along you are in the Destination. The button with a check mark is how you indicate that a step is complete, and your profile icon on the far right is a sub-menu to navigate to areas outside of the destination.

On the left you’ll find your main Destination navigation. Here you can see all of the steps that are included in the Destination, what they are named, and if you have completed that step or not. You can toggle this on or off when you are on a desktop, or from your mobile, you’ll select the three lines to toggle it open.

In the main content area, you’ll see the name of the step at the top, a taxonomy of where that step is located in the Destination, your status of completion on the step, and the main content for that step. At the bottom, you can step forward or backward with the navigation arrows, as well.

Destination A includes 6 Main Stops, 1 Day Trip, and Around Town, you’ll find a Library and a Shop.

Main Stops

Stop 1 — Summary of Our Views

To begin the journey, we want to give you a basic understanding of our views on fundamental doctrinal tenants of Christianity. Learn our position on God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Creation, Temptation and the Fall, The Houses of God, Salvation and Sin, New Testament, The Bride and The Body, and the Subjective Christian Relationship.

Stop 2 — Has Jesus Returned?

A critical cause for division in Christianity today is the concern with preparing believers for “end times”… But what if that is an irrelevant effort? This Stop takes a sincere look at the question “Has Jesus Returned?”, because if He already has, it could alter the course of faith today.

Stop 3 — Evaluating Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura is Latin for “by scripture alone”, and describes a theological doctrine held by many protestant denominations. This stop takes a look at what this position is, the arguments for and against it, and evaluates the validity for it in our lives today.

Stop 4 — Christian Liberty Explained

In the face of the various doctrinal positions we’ve unpacked thus far, Christian Liberty is a principle that we find to be a sustainable solution to issues in the church today. This Stop looks at what Christian Liberty actually is, how it can be justified, and how it might be an optimal solution to strengthening the modern body.

Stop 5 — What Happens Now?

Now… we’ve thought through some basic doctrinal tenants. We’ve questioned the notion of Liberty in Christianity today. What do we do now? How can we live in the face of the things we’ve learned thus far? How does unconditional love play a vital role in faith today?

Stop 6 — The Tree of Christian Living

Let us describe seven “L” words that you, as a believer, can use as guiding principles as you grow in your faith. At this final stop in Destination 1, we will unpack how Law, the Lord, Life, Light, Learning, Love, and Liberty can be tools for your growth in Him.


Day Trips

Don’t F**k With Jesus

He has been maligned, abused, used and misunderstood not only by the world-at-large but especially by those who look to Him in faith. Jesus. Yeshua. The Lord, Savior and King. This short Day Trip gets right to the heart of how He and His message have been misappropriated for nearly two millennia and how people today (especially our young and alienated) are in a position to change the course of errant Christian tradition.


Around Town


Visit the Library and read some written work related to the learning content offered in the Destination’s Stops.


Local Destination A Shops offer a variety of merchandise and physical materials to support your learning. 


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