Class of 2023 cult Leaders begin inaugural training program.

Thanks to the support of some incredible and dedicated cult Members, our cult Leadership Program is off to a great start! This inaugural class of Leaders-in-Training are such a blessing to us, and we really got to witness that in our first Leader Zoom. We wanted to send you this email update to highlight our excitement for this program and how we think it can be so effective in shedding light to seekers around the world.

First, we’d like to emphasize the spirit and background of this group. Each person who has volunteered their time and energy is the absolute salt of the earth; we have seekers from Muslim, Catholic, Mormon and Evangelical upbringing who have each come to a relationship with the Lord through wildly different means. All, however, share a few key characteristics that we couldn’t be more grateful for: desire to pursue truth and intent to seek alongside one another in agape love. Our Leaders come from all over the world: Sweden, the UK, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and across the US. How incredible it is to be able to connect with one another and witness how the Spirit has worked.

This class of cult Leaders will graduate at the end of 2023, but our next class will begin July 7, 2023. If you were not able to participate this year, and find you might be interested next year, we would love to have you! We intend to keep this program going for as long as God wills it.

Thank you for your continued support of cult. Our next major project is marketing the website. Keep an eye out across our social media channels (linked in the footer of this email), and in our monthly newsletter!

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