Courses on How

In His Image

Now with decades of research to justify the “why”s, join our next decades of study into these “how”s… In His Image is a course on how we interpret what God means in Genesis when He says He created man “in his image”. Take the In His Image Course!

Don't F**k With Jesus

How religious f**kery has entirely altered the reality of our Lord.​ The Don’t F**k with Series is dedicated to all of the victims of religious f**kery. We go through how man-made religion has completely altered, and often times ruined, the original intent behind Jesus, God, the Spirit, Church, Believers and Unbelievers. Don’t F**k with Jesus is the first, and featured, of this series. It is concise and impactful. To be released shortly, stay tuned!

Suicide 365

Killing yourself God’s way. We’ve also developed some ideas on “Suicide 365: Killing Yourself God’s Way”… More on that soon!

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