Start a cult


If you have not realized it yet, cult stands on a couple key beliefs. We are convinced of the call for Christians to act in love toward their neighbor. And we encourage the employment of creativity to brighten and flourish the lives of believers! Our intention with the whole cult program and trajectory is to ultimately provide tools and resources that might facilitate your own growth in each of these things.
We are working now to build up a way for graduated cult Leaders to “Start a cult” or, rather, actionably contribute their personal passions and talents to this world with the facilitation of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth.
As we build up how we can tap cult into existing organizations that are already doing things of this sort, we encourage you to test our system. Watch the courses, scrutinize the content, discuss, comment and sift through the details!
Starting a cult will be the last step that follows the educational progression that we have set up. The flow of cult Courses to cult Leadership is all with intent to help you grow and prepare to serve with liberty and light.
Stay tuned with our updates, and newsletter as we build this program.


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