cult Leadership Program

Class of 2023 Information Page

Welcome to our prospective cult Leaders, Class of 2023!  We have a rich and exciting program ahead, and are really excited to get started with this intimate inaugural group. All of you have expressed interest in participating, and this page is to give you all of the information you need to know to make your decision on if you’d like to enroll, and in the case that you do want to, here is where you can find out how to get started!

Program Overview:

The cult Leadership Program begins on July 7th each year (meaning if you cannot swing it this year, no pressure!  More to come). Enrolled students of each class will join a cohort of fellow seekers in following the same programmed weekly steps in tandem with one another. We are doing it this way to facilitate strong learning between each cohort, allowing for a most effective and focused discussion along the way across both Zoom meetings and in discussions and groups.

Beginning on July 7th 5PM MT, we will have our introductory Zoom meeting to meet one another, get acquainted with the format of the program, and to get all of your questions answered before the learning begins!

The program is a 77 week long program which spans about a year and a half.  Beginning on July 7th and ending before Christmas in 2023.  Each week there will be 2-3 hours of study that you can complete on your own time, with one break week from November 22 – November 28 2023.

Semester Overview:

The program is divided into three semesters. Each semester includes an arrangement of recorded lessons, PDF notes, quizzes, Zoom meetings and exams.


Lessons are locked, and released weekly; you can count on them being released at the turn of the clock to each Wednesday at 12:00 AM MT.  You can always go back and look at previous lessons, but this is to keep us all on the same page for our zoom meetings.  Lessons come with recorded video content and downloadable PDF notes.

Zoom Meetings:

For the first two semesters, Zoom meetings happen on the First Tuesday of each month at 5PM MT. For the third semester, Zoom meetings will happen weekly on Thursdays at 5PM MT.

You can find all information on how to get into the meeting (link, passcode, date, time) within the module itself; there will be a specific topic with “Monthly Leader Zoom” in the name.  We will also go over this in the Introductory Zoom meeting on July 7th.


You must get 100% on each quiz to pass the semester, however they are completely open note and can be taken an unlimited amount of times. These quizzes are not intended to trick you or fail you, but rather to really help you learn the important information! 

Program details on each semester:

Semester 1: Module OO
July 7, 2022 – January 3 2023
25 Topics
25 Quizzes
6 Zoom Meetings
1 MidTerm

Semester 2: Module X
January 4, 2023 – August 22, 2023
32 Topics
32 Quizzes
8 Zoom Meetings
1 MidTerm

Semester 3: Module O
August 23, 2023 – December 22, 2023
15 Topics
0 Quizzes
15 Zoom Meetings
1 Final Exam


Prerequisites are designed to help everyone fully understand the principles of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth. This is not by any means meant to prescribe or suggest that you agree with the content, but we do want to ensure you have a full understanding of it. The cult Leadership Program is ultimately to help equip you with the tools to go out in the world and do the work that the Lord has led you personally to do. We would love for that to be alongside our organization, if you feel so led, and in that case we want to all be on the same page in terms of understanding.

Therefore, prerequisites for the cult Leadership program are: 

cult Course O | Introduction

cult Course 1 | Fundamentals

cult Verse by Verse through Revelation

*If you were a part of the Revelation Verse by Verse live audience, and have not already informed Delaney, please email her at so we can waive this course for you.

**We also know that it is very late notice to be able to complete such a dense study. If you have not taken it, but are still eager to become a cult Leader this first year, we can accommodate this, and expect that you do pursue that study alongside the Leadership Program.

Certification and Rewards:

Upon completion of the cult Leadership Program you will receive a few tokens of gratitude and recognitions for your studies! First, Shawn has designed custom rings for each Module which you will receive at graduation! Additionally, you will receive a certificate of exceptional honor. And, as written before, you will ultimately become qualified to pursue opportunities like starting your own cult branch, or joining the cult Family.

While these things are all set up and ready, we are also working to bring you additional perks. We are working toward more materials which might aid your study, and on an annual conference retreat for cult Leaders here in Salt Lake City!

How to enroll:

If you think this sounds like the right fit for you, we would truly love to have you. To enroll please complete the following instructions:

Submit a support ticket after logging in to your dashboard (click here) and request to participate in the Leadership Program.  Please include your contact details such as your name, email and phone number. You will be enrolled by admin. A confirmation of your enrollment will be received by you as a reply to your request!


*$99 per Module
*$250 for the Leadership Package
*For our inaugural class of students, we would love to offer you this program for free. We are beyond grateful for your enthusiasm and your dedication to the truth. We find it rare, and are so very blessed to be in company with such a solid group of seekers.


We very much look forward to meeting with you to kick off this program on July 7! And if you find you have any more questions, please contact Delaney at