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cult Founder teaches Book of Revelation, discovers church is over.

Beginning in the fall of 2016, Shawn conducted a verse by verse study of the Book of Revelation in his regular weekly meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah. (These meetings still continue – see our current study in Genesis).

Shawn, along with the attending and virtual audience, continued their typical pursuit of Truth in the Word with an open mind and heart. In doing so, they embarked upon the study with an intent to parse the book from a few of the several different perspectives that exist on Revelation, including the futurist, the preterist, and the historicist.

From this study, Shawn came to his own conclusions, which he now calls the “fulfilled” perspective, that have entirely influenced his perspective on the faith today. Those conclusions are fundamental to the principles that cult stands on. These teachings are incredibly information dense and enriching. We encourage you to listen with an open mind and heart yourself, and challenge us!

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