Course 0 | cult Introduction

Curious about cult? Wonder why on earth we would name ourselves that? Wonder how we could possibly claim that Jesus came back already? Or just want to see how our courses function?

This course is a free and open set of lessons intended to give you some answers…

We come from decades of devoted and earnest research, of continual trial and error, of multiple exoduses (yes, multiple) from ingrained and rooted organized religious culture, of Spirit-led threshing through the darkness in order to find some clarity on how we should be living the faith today. Ironically – we’ve come to the conclusion that that is actually up to you…

That being said, we want to introduce you to who we are, where we came from, why we do what we do, how we do it… And we hope you, as a result, you are encouraged to join us in this pursuit of light, learning, love and liberty.

This course is first divided into six lessons, each with one video teaching from cult Founder Shawn McCraney.

Browse below to see the breakdown of lessons.