Course 2: cult Growth, now released!

Series 1 of our Second Course is now available to cult Members!

If you didn’t know, cult releases a new series each month. These series accumulate into courses that build upon our main cult Fundamentals Course. Courses are priced at $0.50 per lesson, and are available to cult Members only.

In Course 1: cult Fundamentals, we’ve reestablished some fundamentals that are evident in scripture: that because Jesus came back and took his bride, the faith left objective religion exercised in material expressions and entered into the age that will never end of subjective relationships.  In this age, every individual Christian is personally responsible for how they grow in their relationship with God through Christ. Course 2: cult Growth is all about personal growth: how we achieve it in the faith, and how it serves to protect us from ever walking away. 
Course 2: Series 1 Seven Witnesses Scripture posits seven witnesses coming from several different places that witness to the existence of God.  This series explains each of those seven witnesses in relative detail.

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