Community Agreement

By entering herein and registering with cult, you tacitly agree to abide by the following precepts:

I understand that Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth is not a religion, church, or denomination. cult is an online educational pursuit to learn together.

I understand that the purpose of my presence in this online community is to Learn through Christian light, love, and liberty about the true and living God, and his son Jesus Christ.

I agree to only practice inclusivity. I understand that the purpose is not to bring in debatable elements from the outside world to be discussed or opined; I understand that I’m here to build relationships with an open mind and heart, and in peace and love, to discuss elements of the faith by the fruit of the Spirit.

I agree to refrain from engaging with other individuals on topics of a debatable nature. These include, and are not limited to, all secular issues relative to politics, social issues, lifestyles, preferences, hobbies, or topics related to an individual’s personal choices in lifestyle and worldview.

I agree to try to implement patience, longsuffering, mercy, kindness, and agape love toward all people in this community. In doing so, I understand that when others may fail to live up to this agreement, it is incumbent upon me to resort to this higher law of Christian Love.

I understand that Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth reserve the right to remove individuals who repeatedly fail to live up to the previous agreements and understandings. I also understand that this removal is not a judgment, but rather an act to preserve the community’s integrity of learning about Him through peace, love, and understanding.