Revelations on Revelation

Footnotes on the Apostolic Record

The Book of Revelation, when read in context, strongly suggests that the age of material religion has passed.

We studied for over a decade, diving deep into the Book of Revelation. Verse by verse we unpacked the context behind every single word of the text, to find out exactly what it meant. When we cross referenced the original translation with other biblical texts, and many extra biblical documents and resources, what we found was shocking.

The return of Jesus actually already happened. In 70 AD. This implies that material religion is unnecessary.

The context of the Book of Revelation supports that Jesus actually returned in 70 AD. Immediately we had to ask: what now? Evangelical Christianity thrives on apocalyptic, rapture-induced fear… With this out of the picture, how should we proceed in the age of fulfillment? The answers to these questions have changed our lives.

We have annotated the Book of Revelation to show you the evidence.

We hope you don’t trust us, but instead trust in Him; we also hope you pursue all knowledge as you look to Him, and consider this book in that pursuit. Proceed below to access the book.

The Revelation Series Collection

Revelations on Revelation is a part of a larger collection rooted in our Revelation research. The collection includes publications, courses, art, merchandise and event, meant to aid your comprehension and enthusiasm for The Great News that we find in fulfillment. Learn more about the series at

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