Don't F**K With Jesus

A glimpse at how organized religion has maligned, abused, used and misunderstood our Lord.

Evangelical Christianity says it knows who Jesus is — Does it, really?

We took a look at all of the known context around Jesus. Yes, we looked deeply at what the Bible says… but the Bible is, after all, a set of documents with both historical positioning and cultural associations. So we also referenced secular texts written at that time, and the characterization of the Bible’s authors, and the realities of the original language (and, honestly, a lot more). All together, when we took a look at the whole picture, we came to a few shocking realizations. What we found suggests that…

Jesus has been maligned, abused, used and misunderstood not only by the world-at-large but especially by those who look to Him in faith.

Don’t F**k With Jesus is a short book that gets right to the heart of, first, how Jesus and His message have been misappropriated for nearly two millennia and second, how people today are in a position to change the course of these errant ways.

Don’t F**k With Jesus properly equips you with the most fundamental facts of how organized religion has f**ked with Jesus.

In under two hours, the book will unpack how Jesus has been f**ked with. The chapters address the manipulation conducted on His name, image, deity, life, message, return, victory, and through church playing. Each of these chapters pulls from decades of research conducted by author Shawn McCraney and his ministry; the referenced research is fully accessible on educational platform, and substantiates all of the bold claims made in this short synopsis.

Don’t F**k With Jesus
Dedicated to all victims of religious f**kery.
Author: Shawn McCraney
Publisher: Samworks
Read Time: 90 Minutes
Pages: 102
Cover Size: 5” x 8”

Part of The Don’t F**k With Series

Don’t F**k with Jesus is the first of a series entitled The Don’t F**k With Series. The following books in the series include Don’t F**k with Jesus, God, the Spirit, Doctrine, Believers, and Unbelievers, and will be published soon! The series is aimed at a very specific audience – the young, those burned by religious tradition, and seekers of God in spirit and truth. A no-holds barred, no-nonsense, even at times crude approach, the series hopes to contribute to the deconstruction of religion and all of its material and spiritual failures while inspiring individuals to seek an intimate, personal relationship with God through unadulterated truth.

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About the Author

Shawn McCraney is the founder of Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth, or cult. Shawn is author of dozens of publications, creator of numerous artworks, and host of thousands of hours of live and recorded broadcasts across national full-powered television and YouTube. Most importantly, however, Shawn is set out for absolute liberty, which he has found in Christ.

Shawn is a person, full of contradiction and flaws; even more, Shawn is full of the Spirit. His research has taken him through hell and back, and that journey has been entirely public. You’ll see across the internet that he has twice gone through the sincere and treacherous battles of organized religion to ultimately come out the other side with faith as strong as ever. The scrutiny that he has incurred has allowed him to find complete and total authenticity in the Lord, and he purely aims to incite that in others through agape love. Find out more about Shawn’s research and teachings at

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Christian Ultra Libertarians for Truth (or, cult) is a biblically justified replacement for church. Our non-profit online educational platform organizes decades of research into courses, publications, art and merchandise to aid individuals in their personal pursuit of knowledge in the age of fulfillment.