Topical Archive Collection

From 2006 through December 2021, Shawn wrote, produced and presented weekly (and for several years, bi-weekly) televised and streamed programs on hundreds of Christian topics. These five playlists present some of the best content from over a thousand programs presented over the years.


Topical Course | Teaching Archive

Dig into the archives to better explore the history of cult.

The Topical Teachings Archive Collection contains:

A: Development of Sound Biblical Reasoning

These videos highlight the development of the Christian perspective under the umbrella of total fulfillment.

B: Eschatology

A series of presentations that directly speak to fulfilled eschatology, or the idea that Jesus has done everything necessary to overcome sin, death, hell and Satan in the reconciliation of God to humankind.

C: Outside the Box of Evangelicalism

Thoughts and topics outside of traditional Evangelical opinion.

D: Lessons in Christian Living

A collection of topical addresses relative to modern Christian living.

E: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Shawn explains his scriptural understanding of God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit which challenges man-made creedal Trinitarianism.